Did your mother ever try to herd you into her idea of normal, her sharp looks and sharper tongue poking you with the question,

“What will the neighbors say?”

What about the well-meaning minister urging you toward a normal life by asking,

“What would Jesus do?”

It’s not that their efforts were wasted. Lord knows, you’ve tried to be normal.

You’ve bargained with your secrets, holding yourself to just a few juicy day dreams of playful, tender, and passionately perfect moments with the love of your life.

Or is the loves of your life?

So, what happens when life presents an opening to taste these adventures for real?

Do you boldly choose to find out if the experience is better than the dream? Or do you shy away, letting the voices of your childhood set the limits of your life?

It takes a certain kind of strength to give in to your passion, to choose paths not illuminated by the flickering light of television commercials. I admire that strength and choose to believe that it’s burning in everyone.

To celebrate all of life, I write erotic romance stories of restless lovers seduced by the siren call of alternative lifestyles.

Seems the road less traveled gets traffic jams after all.

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