Celibacy Is A Perversion

by lauran on June 22, 2011

Celibacy is the perversion of an ancient sex secret.

Thousands of years before organized religion promoted celibacy for priests, Taoist and Tantric masters were teaching men to have sex – even to have orgasms – without ejaculation. And they did it for several good reasons.

These teachings did not restrict sex.

On the contrary, one of the immediate benefits of the learning to control ejaculation was more sex.

Most men ejaculate after 10 to 20 minutes of intercourse. Virile young men have short recovery periods and some are able to ejaculate again after half an hour or so. Even so, it’s rare for a man to have more than two ejaculations in a session.

We all know the stereotype of a man having an orgasm then rolling over and going to sleep. Ejaculation and the heart pounding, body shaking movement that goes with it deplete a man’s energy.

But men who learn how to control their ejaculation have a different experience.

They have great sex for extended periods of time.

Half an hour of intercourse is an easy goal for Taoist and Tantric students. Once a man can reliably have sex for half an hour without ejaculating, the sky is the limit. Stories of lovers having intercourse for hours are common.

And, if you’re going to make love for a long time, you’ll want to explore lots of ways to have sex. Plunging in and out, over and over, is okay when the goal is ejaculating. It does not work when the goal is extending intercourse for hours.

Taoists teach men, “Don’t stab the woman.” Instead, men are taught how to use their penis to build orgasms in their partner while delaying their own. The most common method includes circular motions of the penis. I wonder – is that why “screwing” is a slang term for sex?

But there’s more to it than just having more great sex.

The ancient Taoist and Tantric masters also taught men the benefits of various positions, rhythms, pacing the breath, subtle movements of the eyes, energy movement for healing or increasing power, generating female orgasmic energy and many other facets of human sexuality.

  • Students learn how to move energy in the body. Besides enhancing sex, the goal is to be healthier while you live much longer. You also discover new levels of energy that transform your every day experience into a more blissful state.
  • In the process of learning to control their sexual abilities students develop greater personal power, confidence and strength of will.
  • Men trained in bringing women to orgasm again and again have no problem finding lovers. Their lovers worship them and willingly have sex with them as often as possible.

These men are willing to give up a few seconds of squirting excitement in exchange for hour upon hour of ecstatic, energy-building, life-extending love making.

It’s a good deal but it takes time.

In ancient days it took a highly trained master to instruct a man in these arts, highly skilled partners, and hours of daily practice to perfect these arts. Except for the Taoists and Tantric priests who dedicated their lives to the study, only those with enough wealth and power were able to afford to learn these sex secrets.

When western men discovered these ancient sex practices being taught to the upper classes something just didn’t make sense. In the west, the wealthiest and most powerful men had lots of sex. But the goal was to spread your seed as far and wide as possible. How could not ejaculating possibly lead to better sex?

This is where everything went wrong.

I have no proof. It’s only an idea that makes sense to me. Somewhere the goal of ancient Taoist and Tantric sex practices was confused with eliminating sex altogether.

I do know that there was one group of the wealthy and powerful men who decided that human sexuality had to be controlled. Around 300 B.C. the Council of Elvira made celibacy a requirement for being a Roman Catholic priest:

Bishops, presbyters, deacons, and others with a position in the ministry are to abstain completely from sexual intercourse with their wives and from the procreation of children. If anyone disobeys, he shall be removed from the clerical office.

From that time forward these ancient teachings were perverted and sexual control became celibacy.


1. (of a person or their actions) Characterized by sexually abnormal and unacceptable practices or tendencies.
2. (of a thing) Having been corrupted or distorted from its original course, meaning, or state.

Human sexuality is necessary for our survival. And we, among all animals, seem to have a great capacity for sexual expression. For some, it’s the holiest experience we can have with each other.

But, for the most spiritual men of the church, sex became forbidden. Not only is this practice sexually abnormal, it corrupts and distorts the ancient wisdom of controlling ejaculation. By this definition, celibacy is a perversion.

I’m not saying that celibacy as a personal choice is a bad thing.

However, I do believe that perverting ancient teachings proven for thousands of years to increase health, happiness, strong relationships, power, and spiritual enlightenment is not a recipe for success.

What happened when the leaders of one of the most powerful organized religions on the planet tried to totally repress their sexuality?

Among other things, they took us through the horrors of the Inquisition, branded all female sexual energy as witchcraft and evil, and funded the Crusades that lead to the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of people.

The idea that mandated celibacy is the best path to increased health, spirituality, power and a wonderful life is contrary to the human spirit. And it’s a perversion of powerful ancient sexual traditions.

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