Monogamy is Unnatural

by lauran on June 15, 2011

An interview by Alyona – The Alyona Show – with Sex At Dawn author Christopher Ryan.

Alonya is a reporter for the Washington, D.C. office of a Russian news site called and she brings interesting questions to Ryan.

Watch the video and you’ll get the idea of his book. While not all scientist agree with the findings (since when did all scientist agree about anything?) it’s hard to get around his message.

For hundreds of thousands of years of our species we survived by behaving in one set of circumstances successfully. Then, within a relatively short period of time, we’ve had to adjust to a completely different lifestyle. And we don’t make those kinds of adjustments so easily.

Just look at the success of the paleo diets, workouts, etc. and it’s easy to see why there’s more driving our sexuality than internet porn.

Check out the book for yourself. And let me know what you think…


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