Power and Sex, Women and Men

by lauran on June 27, 2011

A recent study found that powerful women are just as likely to have affairs as powerful men.

“People often assume that powerful men may be more likely to cheat because they have risk-taking personalities or because of distance, such as frequent business trips that many powerful people go on. We found little correlation between either of the two,” said Lammers.

The study revealed two key discoveries to why powerful people cheat. First, there is a strong association between power and confidence and that the amount of confidence a person has is the strongest link between power and unfaithfulness. Second, the researchers found that among powerful people gender made no difference in past digressions or the participants’ desires to cheat.

Which brings up the question – why don’t we hear about powerful women getting caught cheating?

Their answer was simply that there aren’t nearly as many powerful women as powerful men. By the law of averages there will be fewer powerful women caught having sex with someone outside of their relationship because there just aren’t that many of them.

That’s probably true but I think there may be more to it.

Historically, we have praised men who are mighty and have many conquests, sexually or otherwise. Men like to brag about their victories and other men like to hear, read, and watch those stories.

We don’t treat women the same way.

Powerful women who behave sexually, politically, or socially as men are not praised. Mostly they’re feared or disrespected, called bitches or ball-busters. Of course, we now have a network television show titillating us with the life of cougars on the prowl for young male partners.

It seems to me that we tolerate power in women as long as they act like women.

Maybe women in power have learned to operate with greater discretion just to function in daily life. Or maybe there is some form of ageism at work. Older women in power do not get as much press in general as older men in power. Then again, maybe it is just a numbers game after all.

Whatever the reasons, my experience in swinging, polyamory, and other alternate lifestyles is that women enjoy sex more than men. By that I mean that women can have more orgasms, enjoy sex play in more ways, and are generally able to outlast men in extended sexual encounters.

And it’s been my experience that sexually confident older women have no trouble finding partners in the swing world. If more women understood the power granted to women in these lifestyles, I believe they’d join swing and poly families at near light speed.

Found in: In a truly modern society, women sleep around just as much as men do – io9.

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