The G Spot and So Much More – Sex Researcher Beverly Whipple

by lauran on July 11, 2011

I’ll always remember when news of the G-spot first hit. Lots of debate about whether it was real or not, if every woman had one, and what to do with it. Some of this early buzz and confusion is still going on, just bring up female ejaculation and the discussion gets interesting quickly.

An interview with Beverly Whipple, one of the researchers and writers who brought most of this information out, lead to an interesting point that I’d not heard about before – the extragenital matrix.

The original G-spot research looked at a group of over 400 women. They documented where the G-spot is, how to stimulate it, analyzed the fluid some women ejaculated and proved it wasn’t urine.

But some of these women could orgasm without touching themselves – they could “think off.” Whipple wondered what else was going on here.

To help people talk about pleasure, they developed a grid called the extragenital matrix. It matches 15 types of touch with 35 parts of the body to help couples discover what gives them pleasure.

My searches on the web produced no links to this grid. The references to it now are mostly about people who have disabilities or chronic diseases that prevent them from enjoying normal sex. They use the grid to map their pleasure centers and what kind of touch feels great to them.

And that set me thinking.

  • How limited is my sexing?
  • What other areas and what other kinds of touching would I enjoy?
  • What about my partners?

There is power in taking the time to explore all of you and what makes you happy. I realized that I’ve not spent the time and energy exploring enough. I mean – 15 types of touches on 35 parts of the body – I know I haven’t even come close to mapping that out.

Here’s a video of the interview.

Movie director Robert Rodriquez liked to include fun clips on his early DVD releases. Sometimes you’d find a clip showing how to cook one of his famous Southwestern dishes. On those spots he’d encourage viewers to spend time learning how to cook by saying:

“Not wanting to learn how to cook is like saying you don’t want to learn how to fuck. You’re going to be doing both a lot for the rest of your life so why not spend the time to get really good at it?”

I think people spend more time learning to cook than learning how to fuck. Get started now and you’ll be happier everyday for it.

Let me know what you think…

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