What does it mean if you don’t want to have sex?

by lauran on June 17, 2011

There’s a growing group of people with an interesting perspective about sex – they aren’t interested.

Famed sexologist Alfred Kinsey called them “group X.” Big Bang Theory calls them people who, like Sheldon, “have no deal.” But the one percent of the population who aren’t interested in sex call themselves asexuals, aces, or, more simply, people who would pick cake over sex.

Here’s a link the full article at io9.com

It’s only one percent of the population, according to the article but I believe there are lots of people who go through a time in their lives where they would easily identify as an “ace”.

If you’ve ever had children you know what I mean. Sex is the last thing a new mother is thinking about or interested in. It’s a topic most new parenting guides don’t get into all that much but it’s a real issue.

I’ve also known people who have deliberately taken time as a celibate, for various reasons. It’s kind of like an extended fast or eliminating a specific food from your diet to clear up a health issue.

I was deliberately celibate for 40 days once and it was an interesting experience. The celebration at the end of my celibacy was lots of fun!

With the barrage of sexual images from mass media I understand why some people feel the need to unplug. And I always support people defining their sexuality and living the life that’s perfect for them.

This seems to be a vocal minority and they’re clamoring for acceptance as a legitimate choice of sexuality. Could we see another letter added – LGBTA?

Get more information:

http://www.asexuality.org (site may be offline…)



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seosource123 June 29, 2011 at 1:09 am

There are decisions and acts we can’t accept on ourselves but because they are still part of our society we have no choice but to live with them and mind our own business.



lauranbruce June 29, 2011 at 7:50 am

In other words, live and let live. What a different world it would be if everyone held to this!Thanks for dropping by…


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